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Emacs on Smartphones

My favourite Pocket Emacs Device

The Gemini PDA is an Android smartphone with an integrated hardware keyboard.

Planet Computers Gemini

Pocket Emacs goes to India

Slides for a talk given to the Berlin Emacs User Group in December 2018.

Source code for the slides here on

Preparing a slide presentation

I prepare slides using the following software packages, which run natively on Android in the Termux environment.

Android app providing a Linux environment
Emacs 26.1
An extensible, customizable, free/libre text editor — and more
A nice set of curated packages for Emacs
Org mode
The Emacs-hosted killer app
The HTML presentation framework
Org reveal
A reveal.js exporter for Org mode

Slide presentations run directly on the Gemini in the native web browser.

Android Screen Sharing

When presenting I want to show the PDA screen. I use Scrcpy over USB with the PDA connected to my laptop. The laptop is connected to the projector. This method is the most reliable because I don't have to worry about Wifi or HDMI problems and I also have the laptop as a backup for the presentation. USB tethering seems faster than Wifi but I haven't measured anything.

These screen sharing options work reasonably well.

Open source. Mirror the Android stream over USB or Wifi.
HDMI dongle
Direct HDMI connection to the projector from the PDA.
Commercial mirroring solution similar to Vysor.